About Us

Mid Coast
Martial Arts Academy

At the Mid Coast Martial Arts Academy classes are run in Traditional Japanese Karate, Okinawan Kobudo (Traditional Weaponry) and Kickboxing for fitness, Ladies self defence
classes and small group fitness classes.
Martial Arts Classes are run for Children, Adults and specific
Ladies classes.
Classes are Divided into Ages and grades
3-5yrs.. 4pm Tues and Wed
5-13yrs: 4.30pm and 5.15pm  Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs
Over 14yrs: 7pm  Mon , Wed, Thurs and 6pm Sat
Sparring Classes: 6pm Frid
Fitness Classes: 6pm  Mon and Wed and 8.30am Sat
Martial Arts Mums Fitness 4.30pm Tues and Thurs
Ladies only Martial Arts class 6pm Tuesday
Traditional Weapons ........ 6pm  Mon, Wed and Thurs
Ladies only Cardio Kickboxing: 9.30am Tues and Fri
‚ÄčKids Kickboxing: 5.15pm Mon and Wed
Karate Kata  

10th Kyu White Belt

9th Kyu   Yellow Belt White stripe 
Taikyoku shodan  

8th Kyu   Yellow Belt
Taikyoku nidan          Pinan Shodan  

7th Kyu   Green Belt
Taikyoku sandan        Pinan Nidan

6th Kyu   Bue Belt
Taikyoku yondan       Pinan Sandan

5th Kyu    Purple Belt
Taikyoku godan         Pinan Yondan
4th Kyu     Brown Belt
Taikyoku rokudan      Pinan Godan

3rd Kyu      Brown Belt
Tekki Shodan             Tekki Nidan              

2nd Kyu      Brown Belt
Tekki Sandan             Passai

1st Kyu        Brown Belt
Jion  Rohai-shodan   Wanshu/Empi

Shodan         Black Belt
Free Kata from list

Seipai  Kankudai/sho
Unshu  Kururunfa
Seienchin  Sochin
Nijishiho sho
Chinto  Chinte
Jutte    Jiin
Kobudo Kata
Kake no kon
Senshi no kon
Shushi no kon sho
Sunekake no kon
Shushi no kon dai
Toushi sai no ichi
Toushi sai no ni
Toushi sai no san
Senshi no sai
Chatanyara no sai sho
Chatanyara no sai dai
Tonfa no ichi
Tonfa no ni
Tonfa no san
Senshi no tonfa
Isshimini no tonfa
Hama higa no tonfa
Kata no jusan
Kata no nijuni
Kata no sanjuichi
Toushi Kama no ichi
Kanagawa no ichi gama
Kama no hama higa
Happo Geri
Yotsu no kaze
Nunchaku no senshi
Nunchaku no ichi
Eku no ichi
Sunakake no kai