Founder and Master Instructor

Chief Instructor - Kaicho Shihan Michael Fardell 6th Dan

Michael Fardell Shihan has an incredible wealth of knowledge having been a member of the NSW Police Force for over 25yrs.  Part of his duties being as a Senior Weapons and Defensive Tactics Instructor has enhanced and developed his Martial Arts Skills.  Shihan Fardell holds a 6th Dan in Traditional Japanese Karate and  a 6th Dan in Toushi Ryukyu Kobudo (Martial Weapons) He is the Chief Instructor at the full time Martial Arts Training Centre  in Port Macquarie and the Dojo's in Wauchope and Armidale where he holds classes for Children, Teens, Adults, Weapons, Fitness and Self Defence.
Shihan Fardell commenced training in Karate in 1980, and has been Instructing for over 35yrs.  He is fully Goverment Accredited and hold a Lv 1 National Coaches Accreditation,  Is a certified Community Coach Registered with the Australian Sports Commission, he also holds Accreditation with the MAIA ,  Punchfit and various other combative sporting bodies.
Having trained in KenSeiKan Karate under Mr Mark Passmore for over 15yrs and gaining his 5th Dan Black Belt, Shihan Fardell found this system limited and lacking in some aspects that he was seeking to explore in his own Martial Arts training and therefore decided to follow his own Martial path.  Developing upon,  enhancing and expanding on the existing syllabus in both traditional Karate and Kobudo he was able to reconnect with the tradition and Discipline that he was looking for.  
In consultation with the other Senior Instructors within the Mid Coast Martial Arts Academy and the invaluable advise from other Senior Martial Arts Instructors, such as good friend and mentor Kyoshi Kevin Blundell of the Kumiairyu Martial Arts System, Shihan Fardell has developed an extensive and comprehensive Martial Arts System comprising elements of Traditional Karate, Jui-jitsu, Aikido, Pressure Point Applications and Kobudo..

Toushi Ryukyu Kobudo
The ToushiRyuKyu Kobudo System studies the Bo-jutsu (Staff), Jo-do (short staff), Kai (oar), Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Nunchacku, Walking Cane, Bokken and Japanese Swordsmanship (Iaido, Kenjutsu and Kendo).
Traditional Karate
The Martial Arts System comprises of Traditional Japanese and Okinawan Karate as well as Ju-Jitsu (Grappling), Aikido and Pressure Point Applications.