The Mid Coast Martial Arts Academy has implemented and endorses the MAIA code of behaviour and conduct which our fully Accredited Instructing Staff is bound to follow ensuring that we provide a positive, safe and harassment-free environment within the Academy for all participants.

Testing for belts is done during the last week of every month.  The Adults and teens test during regular class times on the Monday and Thursday of that week.   Little Dragons test on the Monday and Wednesday of that week.  Only students with two stripes on their belts  may test for their new belts.  Students will always be informed in class when they are nearing a test,  if a student is on schedule they can plan on testing every three months.
There are several payment options available to students.    The most cost effective and the only program which enables students to take full advantage of our other programs is the VIP Direct Debit option.  Please see the instructor for details.
Student uniforms consist of a white traditional Martial Arts Uniform plus a belt.  Students who are members of the Black Belt Club may wear a Black Belt Patch on the left upper sleeve of this uniform.  On hot days students are permitted to wear a white school T-shirt with the white traditional pants and belt.  During stripe progress checks and belt testing students must wear full traditional uniform and belt.
The Black Belt Club is a special two year membership for those students with long term goals.  Members receive an extra class each month , special extracurricular events, special patch to be worn on the left upper sleeve of their uniform and discounts on supplies and school sponsored events.  If you are dedicated to the Martial Arts and have a goal of Black Belt you should talk to your Master Instructor to convert your membership to that of Black Belt Club.  Your first step is to write a letter to your Master Instructor explaining your goal and why you would like to be a member of the Black Belt Club.
Periodically we hold competition at the school.  We also support the state tournaments sanctioned by The Mid Coast martial Arts Academy.  Tournaments suitable for our students are posted on the bulletin board or on our website events calendar.  Any student wishing more information of having questions on requirements to enter state tournaments should see their Instructor .
If for any reason you fall behind and need help see Fardell Shihan and schedule a time.  There is no charge for the extra help sessions.  If you are interested in a private class with Shihan Fardell or Sensei Rollo. See Shihan Fardell for an appointment.  The cost is $40.
We are open on most holidays with the exception of Dec 25th; however, on most holidays the schedule will be modified.  All holiday schedules will be posted on the bulletin board for two weeks prior to the holiday.
If you will be missing class for vacations or illness for a period longer than one week please notify your instructor.  The time you miss can then be added to the end of your program or made up on your return.
Sparring is an integral part of Martial Arts practice however all precautions must be taken to minimise any injury to yourself or other members.  Due to mandatory insurance regulations, all students who participate in sparring classes must have foot and hand protection and a protective mouth guard.  This equipment is available through the school.
The only patch that is required on the uniform is the official school patch.  Placement of the patch is on the left front of the uniform top.  The Black Belt club and State team Patch should be on the left upper arm of the uniform top.
If you have left something behind we have a lost and found.  All items are held for eight week before being discarded.
VIP passes are available from the front counter.  If you have a friend or know of someone who would benefit from our program, please pass along a guest pass.  The person should then call the school to make an appointment for a free trial class with the instructor.  Students are expected to support and compliment the school by referring it to others
All our instructors are fully Government Accredited and participate in intensive Instructor training courses and programs.  They are fully trained in first aid and risk management.